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The PERIOD PANTIES Kickstarter is now live! Support this bloody project!

Dudes!! I have two pairs of these (Cunt Dracula and Rainbo: First Blood) And not only are they lined with thick black fabric on the inside but they don’t bunch up so if pads are your thing it’ll stay in place! Also they’re super kickass and comfy; definitely support this one!


Reasons I have a problem with this:

1.) Created by a cis dude (AFAIK). Cis dudes have been developing and profiting off materials for menstruation for a long time without having to really consider how to do it.

2.) The project was started because the guy’s GF was having trouble expressing to him that she was on her period and that is why she wanted to not have sex with him, so these panties were a way of “letting him know” so he didn’t have to question why she didn’t want sex with him. (what, gross)

3.) There’s legit small bizs that make menstruation products (GladRags, LunaCups, etc) that I’d much rather support with dollars.

4.) Why do designs that a man came up with include gendered slurs and also look like Ed Hurley was trying to make a tampon commercial. I’m all for funny alternative slang for menstruating but this is somewhat terrible.

You can support this if you want but the idea of some guy getting 170k because he can’t just take “no” for sex at face value and doesn’t want to address why his GF might feel uncomfortable talking about her body with a sexual partner but instead make a profit off of it is unconscionable to me.

reblogging here for that A+ commentary.  i had no idea any of this was a thing… just shows you how important it is to do your research…

oh. fuck. :(

For the commentary. That’s huge.

With commentary.

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